June 2006

June 21, 2006

Billiards with Bark & Bite?

This just in: we hear tell that The Feisty Bulldog (billing itself as "Bucket Shoppe & Billiards," which sounds vaguely, um, downscale: I generally don't prefer my food in buckets) is open for business at 720 N. 1st St.

On the food menu: chicken fingers, quesadillas, jalapeno poppers, fire-roasted tomato soup, Philly cheesesteak, braised short ribs...and something called "Hoozier Pizza Dip."

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Galloping Gourmet

One of our town's top chefs, Kirk Warner—formerly of both King Louie's and Savor—has packed his spatulas and struck out on his own with a new venture called "Traveling Kitchen." He's hoping to bring his food philosophy and technical know-how to bear in the everyday eating experiences of people who enjoy good food but may lack the time or expertise to make it happen on their own. Whether you're looking for a family chef who can shop and stock your fridge for the week (and he spent some serious time in a past life working on the perfect chicken finger for tots), or an impressive date-night menu for two, this curious chef probably has just the recipe.

And for those voyeurs who want to see inside the mind of the chef, check out the musings on the site's blog.

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June 20, 2006

Vintage Re-Haberdashery

Oh, how I wish I could claim that clever label as my own: alas, you'll find it spray-painted on the plywood over the "coming soon" location of the erstwhile Vintage Haberdashery, (which gave way on South Grand to an expanded Mangia Italiano), located at 3181 Morganford. Interesting things happening, in fits and starts, on that strip...

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Barbie's First Rooftop Bar

Seems like we've been waiting a long, long time for this: the city's first rooftop bar (to my knowledge) is finally open!

Vin de Set, from the brains behind Eleven Eleven Mississippi, is open at 2017 Chouteau, on the third floor. The rooftop deck boasts 4,000 square feet of downtown-viewing pleasure. (Now, Mlle. Cherry has a teensy problem with their interpretation of "2017" into the mangled Franglais of "Vin de Set," but this will not hold her back from rooftop alfresco...)

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June 05, 2006

Melanie's Steps It Up

With its relocation a bit west, to a larger, more elegant space, that stalwart of "ladies who lunch" shopping, Melanie's, has also expanded its inventory to include a bit more selection on the higher end. The shop (formerly next door to the Woman's Exchange, where said ladies lunch) has always been known for its vast selection of inexpensive, trendy accessories, long before popular import shops like ABC Trading and Gems'n'Trends arrived, but now has some swankier additions, as well. On a recent trip, I spotted Grace Chuang reversible silk jackets and embellished skinny tanks, as well as exquisite linens and silk loungewear from Bella Notte. Mary P Mosaics, out of Los Angeles, was represented by a gorgeous mosaic jewelry box with a whimsical shoe on top, for $220.

Check out the new location at 10277 Clayton Rd., in the same shopping center as Schnucks.

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June 02, 2006

Are Your Dining Senses Tingling?

It could be they're being set off by the impending arrival of "Five," a new American bistro just west of El Mundo Latino in The Grove (4317 Manchester, for sticklers....)

The five in question are, of course, "smell/feel/taste/see/hear," and they're etched in the front glass in case you forget. The room has a sleek, clean look about it, and a call to the phone number on Five's web page says they open for lunch on Monday, June 5. There were light fixtures on this morning, but still looked like there was a busy weekend ahead if chef Anthony Devoti (formerly of San Fran's Zuni Café and Zuzu's Petals, among others) plans to be slinging meals come Monday!

Five will serve lunch M-F, dinner Tu-Sa. Count on it.

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