December 2006

December 15, 2006

New Toque at Tap Room

Word is that Clint Whittemore, most recently manning the stoves at now-shuttered Bastante (and from Peristyle and the famed NOLA before that), will hop on over to the Schlafly Tap Room come Dec. 18, assuming the position of GM/chef. We were fans of his Bastante menu, and have long been fans of the Tap Room grub, too, so this seems like a potentially tasty marriage.

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December 14, 2006

Denim Dream Date

Take a look at the bottom halves around you, and we're sure you'll agree that denim has won the war. Jeans—from the discount-store variety to the super-luxe—are the wardrobe workhorse of seemingly 75% of the country on any given day.

For those looking to dress up their denim wardrobe, one of our fave boutiques, Daisy Clover, has a private party with a twist to offer: Daisy's Denim Package. For between $175 and $200, you and 4 of your closest gal pals can head to the shop (at 8146 Big Bend in Webster Groves) and try on pair after pair after pair, but all under the approving eye of a private wardrobe/fit advisor. Once your butt has been made to look its best, the guest of honor takes home that pair (including any required alterations), and her friends all get 10% any denim purchase, too. Throw in champagne and snacks and you've got yourself a party! Call 314-962-4477 to set up your soirée.

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December 07, 2006

Bargain Blessing Baskets

If you're a fan of Blessing Baskets (quick primer for the uninitiated: local woman keeps tokens of support during a rough time in a basket in her home, calling it her "Blessing Basket," and eventually hits upon idea of paying it forward by providing sustainable employment for impoverished workers in third-world countries, and selling their wares in the U.S....whew!), you'll be a happy buyer this weekend: the operation's opening up their warehouse for the first time ever, hosting a Warehouse Sale on Saturday, December 9, from 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

What you'll find here are the slightly damaged, the apprentice-woven (kinda like a student haircut at the cosmetology school) and so on: but still, beautiful baskets at bargain prices, and still doing their main work of touching lives here and abroad.

The sale takes place at 1201 West First St., at the River's Edge Complex in Granite City. See, how can somewhere like that be the worst place to live? Sheesh. Check the website for more info.

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