August 2006

August 24, 2006

Never Too Late for Ice Cream

Okay, granted, it's nearly September...but the 90+ degree days have returned, and besides, I'm the type who'll cozy up to a pint of Chunky Monkey even in the dead of winter.

So it's a great pleasure to find out about the newest addition to Hartford Coffee Company a freezer full of creamy and delicious Ashby's Sterling gourmet ice cream! That creaminess? That's 14% butterfat, baby.

Stop by and check it out in milkshake, cone or signature creation forms: and if you see me squealing with delight over a "Sundasaurus Rex" (that's two scoops each of vanilla, chocolate & strawberry with all the toppings you can handle), do say hi.

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August 17, 2006

Yes, Amiga, We Could Get Into This

Maybe if it starts in the retail sector in the Lou, all of us will eventually be able to benefit from such a schedule: Washington Avenue boutique Paper Dolls has announced its new "siesta" hours store schedule. Open Tu-F 11 am-4 pm, and then again from 7-10 pm. (Sa noon-10).

Leaving the all-important "Oprah" and "NewsHour with Jim Lehrer" slots wiiiiiide open...

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August 04, 2006

Whole Gelato

Well, it was just a matter of time, I guess: the popularity bandwagon has picked up another passenger in the Lou, and Whole Foods Market has added a gelato bar. Was doing a brisk business when I chanced by there this morning, and although it seems a touch on the pricey side, it's nothing compared to the time I paid like $8 for a cone in bella Italia, owing to my slow lira/dollar conversion skills (and my obvious tourist identity, I guess)... I'll add it to my list of treats to check out. So far, my favorite gelato in town is the Michigan cherry at Gelato di Riso; I have a friend who swears by the straight-up chocolate at Gelateria. Anyone else have a recommendation?

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