June 2007

June 28, 2007

No More Stopping at Level 1

We're told that CWE men's shop Level 1 -- one of the first in a handful of clothing boutiques that catered to hip, young men -- will be shutting its doors near the end of July. Sister store Mezzanine Wearables, right next door, keeps on truckin'. Is it that men just don't want to shop as much we think they do?

Anyway, for those who *do* enjoying squeezing the fabric, the store's on clearance til the doors close, at 387 N. Euclid.

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June 20, 2007

That's a Winner, X6

The J. Buck's empire expands, with a new downtown restaurant, located on the edge of Cardinal Nation's Mecca at 1000 Clark St., sure to be a draw for its namesakes (Jack, yeah, but also Joe and Julie), its collection of memorabilia...and oh, yes, there's the food. Highlight of this location? A rooftop deck where, if you stand just so, you can gaze into the new Busch Stadium.

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June 05, 2007

Our Wine's Divine (So Take That, Left & Right Coasts)

"It ain't braggin' if it's true," they say in the South, and we hate to brag...

Well, no, we don't. The Restaurant Hospitality magazine's annual "Best Wine Lists in America" contest has just ended, and the winners of all three categories? Yeah, those would be St. Louis spots: Truffles in the International category (though it's humorously identified as being in "La Due, MO"), Annie Gunn's in the U.S. category and Ricardo's Italian Café in the Small Wine Lists category.

A vinifera hat trick! We'll raise a glass to that.

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June 01, 2007

Ooh, It's Finally The Time!

Sisters in arms: hie thee to The (New) Time! The innovative boutique is pushing the envelope again, linking arms with a salon, Studio DJP, to offer one-stop shopping/primping/beautifying, all together at their new downtown location, 922 Washington (where Niche formerly held court).

The schedule:
tonight (Friday), 5-9 p.m.: DJs, meet new designers, cocktails, apps
Saturday, 11-6: fashion and film, with some fashion-oriented flicks screening in the background, and a Time-sponsored fashion show at the Locust Ave. Film Fest
Sunday, 11-4: hangover/beauty brunch! Call 974-TIME to book some fabulous treatments like makeovers, manicures, facials, etc., and enjoy with champagne brunch. (Hell, what's *not* to enjoy with enough champagne? Hair of the dog and so on...)

Plenty of good shopping and people-watching to be had.

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