November 2005

November 12, 2005

Adios to Jasoom

It's looking like South Grand's comfort-food eatery Jasoom has taken that long ride into the sunset, with a banner strung outside over the awning declaring, "Mexican Food!" The crack team here at stlalamode will get back as soon as we find out more...well, if there's good guacamole on South Grand, it might take us a little longer, but don't worry: we are coming back.

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November 11, 2005

Mavrik Times Two

Mavrik (and we might as well say right here up front that it's pronounced like "mav-RIQUE," as in chic) jewelry, whose colorful and fun Israeli-designed baubles and home décor items have livened up a storefront in Clayton for a good while now, has opened a second location. Mavrik Romantika, the new spot, is a bit different in its merchandise, featuring more fine jewelry, bridal sets, diamonds, gold and men's jewelry. It's located at 200 S. Kirkwood Rd., in that newfangled Kirkwood Station Plaza thingie. Grand opening party is slated for Nov. 30.

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November 03, 2005


In a stunning redo of the former Southern Belle Supper Club space (and before that, any old-timers out there remember Blanche's?), Terrene has opened its doors into a bar, dining room and patio of stunning grace and good taste. Dave Owens, formerly half of the Cardwell's team, presides, and from a mushroom soup of brothy goodness to a "mixed" fry that includes anchovies, onions and lemons, from grilled hangar steak to just about the fanciest St. Paul sandwich you're ever bound to meet...everything we've had was tasty and beautiful. Hooray for a menu that celebrates seasonality, our vegetarian friends and its neighborhood! The patio, we hear from co-owner John McElwain, will be open (with its groovy, California-style propane heaters) as often as there is above-freezing weather and demand.

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November 02, 2005

On the Food, I Mean, Road Again

Food & Wine's been to town, kids, and like what they saw: the Lou is featured in the November '05 issue. Spots of note include Kaldi's Coffee, Savor (who can resist the appeal of a "mortuary-turned-restaurant"?), Pin-Up Bowl (and its forgotten classic drinks including the Derby), the Chase Park Plaza and its pool terrace bar (the author recommends "locally brewed Schlafly beer") and, in a shopping nod, Brewington in the CWE.

Bring on the foodie hordes!

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Have You The Time?

Farewell, Annata!, we hardly knew ye....

But now Jen Gray and the gang behind the former vintage shop are giving themselves an extreme makeover, and The Time debuts this weekend, featuring limited-run lines from "small-batch" designers, currently mostly from the U.S., although we hear they're in negotiations with some European couturiers, as well. The official rebranding launch is Friday night, Nov. 4, 8 p.m. at the corner of Manchester and Marshall in happening Maplewood. Info at (314) 644-2055.

Caffeine addicts, do not become agitated: Java Java Java remains in place.

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