December 2005

December 31, 2005

More Booze on S. Grand

Coming soon to the South Grand strip, look for Urban, billing itself as a wine bar and cocktail lounge. The spot's got an awning and work permit up at 3216 S. Grand (perilously close to Erato, the wine bar, and Absolutli Goosed, a cocktail lounge, but hey, the more the merrier!) and teases with drinks like lychee mojitos and an elixir called "el mariachi."

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December 09, 2005

Thurman Café, R.I.P.

In our once-in-a-while rip through blogs of interest, we note that, after a long illness, the sister location to Tower Grove South's popular Hartford Coffee Company has succumbed to its apparent defects.

What went wrong there? Too close to the original location? Any Shaw people want to weigh in?

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December 06, 2005

Bloom Not Yet Off the Rose

Though the former franchise owner has left, a trail of petals behind him, word is that the Kabloom! floral shop at the corner of Grand and Arsenal is not ready to fade away: signs say that the shop will reopen in mid-December, in time for all those holiday centerpiece needs. We hear that the Kirkwood Kabloom! operator is taking over and hopes to make a more successful go of it.

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