June 05, 2006

Melanie's Steps It Up

With its relocation a bit west, to a larger, more elegant space, that stalwart of "ladies who lunch" shopping, Melanie's, has also expanded its inventory to include a bit more selection on the higher end. The shop (formerly next door to the Woman's Exchange, where said ladies lunch) has always been known for its vast selection of inexpensive, trendy accessories, long before popular import shops like ABC Trading and Gems'n'Trends arrived, but now has some swankier additions, as well. On a recent trip, I spotted Grace Chuang reversible silk jackets and embellished skinny tanks, as well as exquisite linens and silk loungewear from Bella Notte. Mary P Mosaics, out of Los Angeles, was represented by a gorgeous mosaic jewelry box with a whimsical shoe on top, for $220.

Check out the new location at 10277 Clayton Rd., in the same shopping center as Schnucks.

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