September 2007

September 27, 2007

Two That Are New!

Finally, some good news on the dining front, after a series of sad notes.

Both the oddly named "~scape" (seriously, people, can we just not screw too much with the restaurant names? I'm lookin' at you, Jim Edmonds and "F15teen"...) and its sister/neighbor "Crêpes: etc." are open for business as of today, on the chic, reborn Maryland Plaza. Scape boasts floor-to-ceiling windows along the front and back of the room, and warm copper accents inside, with a menu that's kind of like fancy comfort food (BBQ shrimp & grits, veal chops, puréed winter squash, beef short ribs), while Crêpes is — wait for it — a creperie. Yum.

Go check out the space at Crêpes if for no other reason than to see all signs of the former coffee-and-cigarette-soaked Grind completely obliterated.

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September 20, 2007

Moving the Mountain

Concerned reader Tom is looking for some happy news: well, this is at least a lateral move, not a closing, so maybe that could count?

Western Wash Ave.'s pioneer Everest Café is making the move even further The Grove. The owners tell us that they'll be packing up (Tibetan prayer flags and all) and taking their chutney to 4145 Manchester, with the move planned for about six weeks from now. Likely the kitchen will be closed for a couple of weeks while they work out the kinks.

Check out their website here.

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September 12, 2007

Last Whirl for Blend

Blend, the collection of home décor eclectica on the revived Locust block near 11th Street, is closing its doors on Oct. 6. Partners Marlene Wilson and John Beck have made a splash with their shop, not least because of the striking concrete and steel pieces (kitchen islands, outdoor seating and the like) Beck's been creating and selling there under his "John Beck Paper & Steel" moniker.

So, Beck's business will continue, at his new workshop at 3021 Locust.

And until closing day, just about everything in the store is 50-80% off. So, go get a deal to assuage your sorrow.

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September 10, 2007

Pestalozzi Place Peters Out

We're sad to report that we received an email this morning announcing the close of Tower Grove East neighborhood café Pestalozzi Place; it was a tasty, convivial spot. Perhaps too far off the beaten path? In any case, we hope to see co-honchos David Lawrence & Stephen Graef turn up somewhere again soon.

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September 05, 2007

Yen Ching Heads South

But not too far south....venerable Chinese joint Yen Ching has finally succumbed to the conflagration of "lifestyle center" and highway construction, and will decamp to take over the former Corwin's space on the ground floor of the Jos. H. White Building, in Brentwood. Sources say the move should be complete well before the end of the year.

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September 04, 2007

Vaya con Dios, Aqua Vin

Saturday night marked the last hurrah for popular Chesterfield eatery/drinkery Aqua Vin, which apparently couldn't come to terms on a renewed lease? That's the scuttlebutt we hear. With the former Bahama Breeze site open near Chesterfield Mall, regulars are hoping the Vin will re-emerge there—or somewhere—soon.

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