June 02, 2006

Are Your Dining Senses Tingling?

It could be they're being set off by the impending arrival of "Five," a new American bistro just west of El Mundo Latino in The Grove (4317 Manchester, for sticklers....)

The five in question are, of course, "smell/feel/taste/see/hear," and they're etched in the front glass in case you forget. The room has a sleek, clean look about it, and a call to the phone number on Five's web page says they open for lunch on Monday, June 5. There were light fixtures on this morning, but still looked like there was a busy weekend ahead if chef Anthony Devoti (formerly of San Fran's Zuni Café and Zuzu's Petals, among others) plans to be slinging meals come Monday!

Five will serve lunch M-F, dinner Tu-Sa. Count on it.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 10:20 AM | Eat/Drink

Try FIVE beginning June 8. But keep it a secret for a while.

Posted by: publiceye at June 2, 2006 06:02 PM