May 13, 2005

Up On the Roof

Now available atop the Dickmann Building (wherein the sophisticated Erato wine bar holds court at street level), you and up to 24 other of your nearest-and-dearest could enjoy a swank private party, catered by same Erato. That's so wonderful to contemplate that we hope someone we know will have a private party there and invite us!

On that topic, St. Louis surely suffers from a dearth of roof-top diversions. What would you like to see, and where? And where's the best rooftop you've been to, set up as a bar/restaurant/whatnot?

Posted by Miss Cherry at 01:26 AM | Eat/Drink

It's technically not a rooftop, but I did visit the Noonday Club on top of the Mercantile Building for a work party once. Being the tallest building in St. Louis, you get some pretty good views all around. Oh yeah, they also have a telescope that allows you to see the scenerey a little closer (not to mention the naked guy in the Millenium Hotel).

Posted by: Dan at May 13, 2005 12:56 PM