January 2005

January 31, 2005

More Bad News for FPSE Foodies

Word trickles in that JaBoni's Bistro, the oddly named but quite lauded supper club at the northwest corner of Manchester and Tower Grove, has closed. Just goes to show you that even being named "Best New Restaurant" (two years ago by Sauce Magazine) isn't guarantee of immunity.

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January 26, 2005

But Where Will We Get Our Men?

It appears the Mangrove, at least in its current incarnation, is out: signs in all the windows and doors read: "Dear Valued Customer: Thank You! It's Been a Pleasure Serving You! Re-Opening with a Great New Concept Soon."

To our minds, there's no greater concept than that fancy, butterfat-filled Cedar Crest Ice Cream they served up in all kinds of sundaes, floats and more...

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January 25, 2005

Opa! Not your Grandma's Spiro's

Flaming cheese memories abound; the original Spiro's on Natural Bridge near UM-St. Louis, and the "newer" locations in Creve Coeur and Chesterfield serving up Greek cuisine by tuxedoed waiters who are masters of flame.

Rejoice far west-enders -- there's a new Spiro's location in St. Charles on Hwy. 94, a lighter, not your grandma's spot with the same great food and a younger crowd. Salads are great; stuffed filet with twice-baked potatoes, even better.

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January 19, 2005

Cool Beans!

We were starting to wonder if they'd get back to it, but Hartford Coffee Company has relaunched their web site and it's very cool: menu, coffee philosophy and links to a bunch of great organizations, from global coffee concerns to lil' ol' Arch City Chronicle and The Commonspace. Viva Hartford Coffee Company! (And it's true: the Hartford Cocoa is a delightful surprise...)

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Schlafly Goes Soft?

More news from our favorite little big brewer: the Schlafly empire will expand quite soon to include a locally produced line of soft drinks (including birch beer, ginger beer and root beer) that will bear the name "Osterweis," a nod to top sudsman Dan Kopman's grandfather, Yalie Rollin Osterweis.

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January 15, 2005

Jonesin' for pudding

Had a jones for bread pudding but not enough eggs to make my own. Did you know that it's impossible to find a bread pudding recipe with less than four eggs? Anyway, last night fulfilled my yearning at Cravings with the delish cranberry bread pudding and whiskey sauce. Heaven!

Cravings, in Kirkwood on Big Bend, has food too, but is a great place to go just for the dessert. Met with two girlfriends (my best friend; her best friend; love them both; it's complicated) intent on a chocolate induced daze but heard about the bread pudding special and caved. Other winter-lovely menu faves: homemade vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce or the apple gelatte.

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January 13, 2005

Membership Has Its Privileges

At the narrow swankness that is Brennan's Wine, Food and Tobacco, in the Central West End, you can buy a bottle of wine for dinner, pick up some fancy party cheese (not like that orange crap you eat at home when no one's looking)...and sneak down to the speakeasy.

Yes, down a dark flight of stairs is a secret basement bar, and for $100 a year, you can be in the club. "Preferred Membership" at Brennan's gets you weekly Wednesday wine tastings (and you can bring along a friend!), a welcome gift basket, 10% off on all your purchases at the market and bar, and so on. I was told that the eventual plan is to open up the back entrance where patrons would buzz to be admitted into the long, dark hallway that will deliver them to...the speakeasy.

In your best gruff voice, tell 'em Miss Cherry sent ya.

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January 11, 2005

We Are Not Amused

Supping recently at 609, we were presented with that delightful opening salvo, the amuse-boûche (though our server, of course, Midwesternized it to be an "amusé"): in this case, a Japanese soup spoonful of tangy, marinated kim chee.

Other places around town we know that continue the fine tradition of sending out a little compliment from the chef include Harvest, Lorenzo's and Lagniappe's, natch (since their name is the Louisiana equivalent.)

Perhaps you know of more?

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January 09, 2005

More Mangia

Word on the street (the street being Grand Ave.) is that Mangia Italiano will expand in a northward push into the former Vintage Haberdashery space. The vintage clothing enterprise, meanwhile, is looking for new digs, though we're sure secondhand is fine with them.

Imagine all that new wall space that will be freed up for the mural stylings of Wayne St. Wayne..

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"Smoke"-abe's No More

Today marked the debut brunch for the new, nonsmoking loft addition at MoKaBe's, the venerable coffeehouse at 3606 Arsenal (at Grand). The mostly vegetarian/vegan offerings include quiche, tofu scramble, a to-die-for creme brulee French toast, juice and of course, coffee. Mmmmm. Now the only long-standing strike against the place (if you're of the nonsmoking persuasion, of course) has been erased.

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January 05, 2005

For the Sportos

Rumor has it Galyan's (West County Mall) will be dropping casual wear from the store over the next month or so. Hurry in to snap up deals on closeout khakis and sweaters.

If you never knew they had anything but ski, board and bike gear to begin with, do drop by and check the astounding shoe department. All athletic and casual shoes, of course but a great selection of brands and styles.

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January 04, 2005

The Other Tony's

We lucked into the best eats ever in St. Charles on NYE! Cruised in to Tony's on Main and were seated within half an hour -- not bad for a big night in Old Town. If you get there, try the Chicken Anthony. Definitely in line for the best restaurant in the West. Watch out, Bommarito, there's a new Tony's in town.

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Pet Shop Boys (and Girls)

A proliferation of new stops for tchotckes/food/snacks/fluff for your favorite four-legged friend: Pets in the City packs a wallop in a cozy Soulard space, including a gourmet baked goods counter and chaotically fun rescue adoption events every Saturday; Four Muddy Paws Self-Service Dog Wash and Healthy Pet Market (near Lafayette Square) stocks all the essentials for those intrepid souls who are willing to scrub down their own dog, but don't necessarily want to heave them into the claw-foot tub; and Wolfgang's Pet Stop, in the Central West End, features bagged food, baked treats and grooming.

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Global Cuisine, We Hardly Knew Ye

Graffiti Global, in the Central West End, has closed its doors. Hadn't made it there myself (in, uh, plenty enough time) but it seemed somehow incongruous — the bad graphic design wasn't helping out, either.

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January 03, 2005

Eat-In Kitchen, Schlafly Style

Word from the Tap Room is that the end of January will bring with it a new area where the hungry and curious can dine on the floor of the Brewhouse. Well, we're sure they won't actually make you eat on the floor -- it's actually called the "Brewer's Table."

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Let Us Whisper in Your Ear

Howdee! Miss Cherry here, from STL à la Mode, your new source for the Scoop on shopping/dining/hobnobbing around St. Louis. My partner-in-crime Mary Chino and I plan to keep our little ice cream parlor o'gossip stocked with info and opinions on restaurants, bars, malls, boutiques, shops and dives from all over the area, so you'll get the most out of your trips out into the world.

And we've got plenty of opinions...but we always want to hear yours, too. Drop us a line to tips@stlalamode.com if you've got something to sprinkle on the Scoop!

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