February 2006

February 28, 2006

Lend Me Some Shugga, I Am Your Neighbor!

Word on the street is that Shugga's, the charming little coffee café tucked into the charming little Shenandoah/Compton biz district, is on the ropes and in need of a quick business infusion if it's to keep bringing caffeine to the masses. Now, Miss Cherry herself will admit it's been a good lil' while since her last drop-in, but as she recalls, there are excellent baked goods, tasty salads and sandwiches and, the piece de resistance, Kaldi's brew. I'll be making time to stop by in the next weeks.

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February 21, 2006

While You Were Babysitting...

Dream Caffeine, the cheeky line of duds and accessories for babies and toddlers designed by local hip mama Jen Halski, had its small-screen debut on today's "Show Me St. Louis." If you know some parents who aren't going to be all about the cutesy and the matchy-matchy, check out the goods online or at The Porch, City Sprouts and beyond.

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February 17, 2006

It's Okay to Be Koi

If their flashy new web site is to be believed, pan-Asian hip spot Koi (from the "New York City and Chicago Innovators" behind Modai), will be open next month in the former Tangerine/Hungry Buddha spots on Washington Ave. Looks pretty spiffy, though I really wonder what folks are thinking when they say they're planning to "redefine the art of dining and nightlife." I mean, you know, it still involves the ingestion of food and drink...unless maybe they're planning that Jetsons-like pill that you can just pop!

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February 14, 2006

Look Spiffy, Skiffy

Get a peek inside the wild minds of the creators at Skif, the St. Louis knittery/design house that's created costuming for Hollywood stars and Midwestern fashionistas alike, when they host a runway show downtown at St. Louis Centre on February 17. The show, part of an Art Dimensions evening, is free, and you'll be able to get up close to see the latest and greatest in unstructured and artfully deconstructed clothing. The show's on from 9-10 p.m., with music provided by Gingko Biloba (featuring the stylings of Tim Duggan and the percussive Ali Soltanshahi, among others). Can't make it that night? Browse the shelves and racks the rest of the time at the Skif showroom, 2008 Marconi on The Hill.

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February 10, 2006

Ich bin ein GastHausian

Look for the long-neglected roundabout in front of the lovingly restored St. Louis Gast Haus to be officially closed to vehicular traffic within the next few months, and be instead reclaimed as a beer garden/patio for the restaurant. It's enough to make you want to apply for work at adjacent Ameren!

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A Few South Grand Updates

Since last we spoke of that hallowed strip, a few things need updating.

First, I was lucky enough to make it to Urban, the new wine bar/cocktail lounge, and have a few drinks under the guiding advice of owner Nhat Nguyen. My cocktail companion and I tried, well, just about the entire menu of specialty cocktails (happy hour pricing 'til 9, baby!) and enjoyed them all. Our favorites were probably the Kiwi (fresh kiwi and Skyy melon) and the Jade (Stoli vanilla and pineapple juice, plus some sort of green-ening agent). Lovely place, and despite my earlier misgivings, a unique addition to the mix.

Secondly, as has been reported elsewhere, the addition at Mangia Italiano appears to be open for business, and also smoke-free. Yay for lungs and linguini! Ewww. I already regret that.

Finally, a non-comestible-related entry: a small space next door to the BP Amoco will become Floored, a yoga studio.

That's all for now!

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Valentine's Even a Dude Could Love

Miss Cherry is a big believer in romance, boys and girls, but also in a bit of originality. That's why I found this option for next week's all-important (to some) V-Day celebration so appealing: chocolate porter, whipped up by our good friends at Schlafly. It will be tapped on the 14th at both the Tap Room and Bottleworks, and promises a "rich, sweet, robust, chocolatey, deep-brown" ale experience, with genuine cocoa as the not-so-secret ingredient. Yummy!

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