April 2008

April 25, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

A new venture in downtown Belleville (that's in Illinois, kids!) brings together enough successful influences that we have to believe the whole thing's gonna blow up huge: first, a return to the foodie scene of influential chef/impresario Blake Brokaw, he of Lo, Hungry Buddha, Chocolate Bar (1.0) and Tangerine, RIP. Brokaw's crafted the menu for Seven, a new restaurant/lounge setting up shop in a rehabbed downtown building in Belleville's blossoming downtown. The spot's backers have, among them, years of experience in restaurants and clubs throughout the region. Throw in WiFi, DJs at night and a 2 a.m. close time for attracting a late-night crowd...

Reportedly, there will be a website here; find the joint at 7 South High St., (618) 277-6700; it's open in a big way starting with lunch on Monday, April 28.

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April 17, 2008

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Guess what, kids? Our favorite local foods grocery (and soon to be expanded into a café side, as well) is blogging! Local Harvest Grocery co-owner Maddie Earnest has a few entries up...new blogs sprouting for spring!

Also, check out this cool-sounding conference noted there: I hadn't heard anything else about it yet.

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April 11, 2008

Health Food Downtown

In the shadow of the hulking Syndicate project (and soon to be in the shadow of Roberts Brothers Go Greenapalooza), there's a small health food market called "La Buena Salud" that's been open for a few weeks now, by my count. It's a still-growing inventory that includes: supplements/vitamins/potions galore, some of those wacky health books favored by such shops, a small selection of grocery items (including local stuff from Black Bear Bakery, Local Harvest Grocery and a few others), organic bath/body/beauty products and tea. Lots of tea. Oh, and a little bulk section, too.

All in all, an interesting addition to Locust, at 917-A. Here's hoping the market finds them.

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April 10, 2008

Taste Treat of the Week: Sodalicious! It's Right There in the Name

Mmmmm. So, this divine hunk of sugary love emanates from
Veruca Bakeshop and Café, down there in Benton Park, but truth be told, I procured mine at Local Harvest Grocery, one of the outlets carrying the treats of pastry chef Mathew Rice. Sodalicous is this: a chilled, wax-paper-wrapped wedge of one of those great Southern creations, cola-infused cake (we like to think it's the Real Thing, but I can't say for sure) with a thick middle layer of cherry buttercream icing. It's moist and not overly sweet, and, well, so delicious...

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