January 13, 2005

Membership Has Its Privileges

At the narrow swankness that is Brennan's Wine, Food and Tobacco, in the Central West End, you can buy a bottle of wine for dinner, pick up some fancy party cheese (not like that orange crap you eat at home when no one's looking)...and sneak down to the speakeasy.

Yes, down a dark flight of stairs is a secret basement bar, and for $100 a year, you can be in the club. "Preferred Membership" at Brennan's gets you weekly Wednesday wine tastings (and you can bring along a friend!), a welcome gift basket, 10% off on all your purchases at the market and bar, and so on. I was told that the eventual plan is to open up the back entrance where patrons would buzz to be admitted into the long, dark hallway that will deliver them to...the speakeasy.

In your best gruff voice, tell 'em Miss Cherry sent ya.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 03:13 PM | Eat/Drink