January 15, 2005

Jonesin' for pudding

Had a jones for bread pudding but not enough eggs to make my own. Did you know that it's impossible to find a bread pudding recipe with less than four eggs? Anyway, last night fulfilled my yearning at Cravings with the delish cranberry bread pudding and whiskey sauce. Heaven!

Cravings, in Kirkwood on Big Bend, has food too, but is a great place to go just for the dessert. Met with two girlfriends (my best friend; her best friend; love them both; it's complicated) intent on a chocolate induced daze but heard about the bread pudding special and caved. Other winter-lovely menu faves: homemade vanilla ice cream with fudge sauce or the apple gelatte.

Posted by Mary Chino at 10:14 AM | Eat/Drink