January 26, 2005

But Where Will We Get Our Men?

It appears the Mangrove, at least in its current incarnation, is out: signs in all the windows and doors read: "Dear Valued Customer: Thank You! It's Been a Pleasure Serving You! Re-Opening with a Great New Concept Soon."

To our minds, there's no greater concept than that fancy, butterfat-filled Cedar Crest Ice Cream they served up in all kinds of sundaes, floats and more...

Posted by Miss Cherry at 05:04 PM | Eat/Drink

Look for the Mangrove to reopen again by year's end...with a liquor license.

Posted by: mra at January 27, 2005 04:55 PM

When Mangrove first opened, it was pretty cool. There was a lot of ice cream and a lunch menu with great burgers, wraps and the like. The dinner menu was a bit fancier, but it was still a good quick place to stop on our way to the Chase for a movie.

Then a few months back their menu completely changed. They de-emphasized the ice cream parlor aspect, dropped most of the old menu and became a "high class" dining establishment. The food was still good (gorgonzola mashed potatoes...yum) but the place atmosphere just wasn't there any more.

Our server told us that they had changed the menu and concept to keep a certain clientele from coming in. I'm pretty sure that he meant neighborhood kids who would come in and buy cones and such. While I definitely appreciate an "adult" restaurant, the place lost a little bit of it's coolness.

That being said...I'm sorry it's gone. The food was good and the location was tres convenient. Plus, the funniest argument between a customer and a server (over how a person could have a dinner menu without chicken fingers on it) I've ever heard took place there.

Posted by: cyr at January 27, 2005 08:31 PM