April 25, 2008

Lucky Number Seven

A new venture in downtown Belleville (that's in Illinois, kids!) brings together enough successful influences that we have to believe the whole thing's gonna blow up huge: first, a return to the foodie scene of influential chef/impresario Blake Brokaw, he of Lo, Hungry Buddha, Chocolate Bar (1.0) and Tangerine, RIP. Brokaw's crafted the menu for Seven, a new restaurant/lounge setting up shop in a rehabbed downtown building in Belleville's blossoming downtown. The spot's backers have, among them, years of experience in restaurants and clubs throughout the region. Throw in WiFi, DJs at night and a 2 a.m. close time for attracting a late-night crowd...

Reportedly, there will be a website here; find the joint at 7 South High St., (618) 277-6700; it's open in a big way starting with lunch on Monday, April 28.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 10:21 AM | Eat/Drink