April 10, 2008

Taste Treat of the Week: Sodalicious! It's Right There in the Name

Mmmmm. So, this divine hunk of sugary love emanates from
Veruca Bakeshop and Café, down there in Benton Park, but truth be told, I procured mine at Local Harvest Grocery, one of the outlets carrying the treats of pastry chef Mathew Rice. Sodalicous is this: a chilled, wax-paper-wrapped wedge of one of those great Southern creations, cola-infused cake (we like to think it's the Real Thing, but I can't say for sure) with a thick middle layer of cherry buttercream icing. It's moist and not overly sweet, and, well, so delicious...

Posted by Miss Cherry at 04:16 PM | Eat/Drink