November 03, 2005


In a stunning redo of the former Southern Belle Supper Club space (and before that, any old-timers out there remember Blanche's?), Terrene has opened its doors into a bar, dining room and patio of stunning grace and good taste. Dave Owens, formerly half of the Cardwell's team, presides, and from a mushroom soup of brothy goodness to a "mixed" fry that includes anchovies, onions and lemons, from grilled hangar steak to just about the fanciest St. Paul sandwich you're ever bound to meet...everything we've had was tasty and beautiful. Hooray for a menu that celebrates seasonality, our vegetarian friends and its neighborhood! The patio, we hear from co-owner John McElwain, will be open (with its groovy, California-style propane heaters) as often as there is above-freezing weather and demand.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 03:29 PM | Eat/Drink

How much for the St. Paul? If it's more than $2.00, it ain't a St. Paul!

Posted by: thomas at November 3, 2005 04:11 PM

Eeep, well, under those constraints...I'm afraid their $9 (!) version would be disqualified.

Though perhaps the house-made pickles and spicy chile mayo would be nails in the coffin, as well? :)

Posted by: miss cherry at November 4, 2005 02:39 PM