April 08, 2005

Comfort and Cheese at Jasoom

In the spot once (and long) occupied by Le Petit Paris (don't fret, petits chou-choux, we're sure Chef Philippe will turn up just fine at a multitude of new ventures), we now have Jasoom, bringing the mini-trend of upscale comfort food to the South Grand strip. The new look of the dining room is modern and clean (our dining companion noted "how much bigger the space looks without all that crap on the walls"); the menu includes one of God's gifts to appetizers, the fried pickle (though we'd prefer them sliced and not speared, but a minor quibble). We're not sure where down home the proprietors hail from, but they learned at the apron-strings of a master: Kentucky Hot Brown, fried chicken dredged in buttermilk and spices, and plenty of other treats to tuck into. Given the overall fat (and cheese) content of many of the entrées, this may have to be an occasional treat rather than a three-times-a-week standby. And one gimmick -- sandwiches made on thick French bread turned upside down so that it forms giant crusty wings -- is a lot better in aesthetic theory than in eating practice.

Check it out: 3210 S. Grand, 314-644-4145, dinner served Tu-Sa.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 03:23 PM | Eat/Drink

It's my understanding that Jasoom is owned by Bar Italia's family members

Posted by: john at April 13, 2005 11:49 PM

Jasoom's has changed its menu format to Mexican, but has the same wonderful ownership and kitchen wizardry as before. The prices are considerably more accessible than their earlier incarnation and they pour delicious margaritas with a generous hand. Many standards are prepared with an unusual but yummy variation from what you typically find in Mexican restaruants. We are regulars and hope to see many more people become so.

Posted by: Emily at March 11, 2006 08:20 PM

Can't say enough great things about the Mexican menu at Jasoom's! Even the rice and beans is done differently and tasty. Freshly made (not bought in bulk) chips arrive at the table with an intense homemade salsa. Totally fabulous and we're going back tonight! Prices are too cheap, I had to tip 40% out of guilt.

Posted by: xian at April 27, 2006 06:32 PM