April 17, 2005

So West County

A trip into "the valley" last night had me wondering; exactly how many restaurants can Chesterfield support, anyway? A lot. That's the answer and on a Saturday night, they're all doing quite well, thank you.

We don't venture that way, well, ever really but had occasion to and chose from a ridiculously overwhelming (ah, America) selection. The valley is a geographic buffet.

I didn't know that the Old Spaghetti Factory had planted an offshoot in Chesterfield and while it's just not the same, if you order your favorite Italian dish (cue Dad: Sophia Lauren!) and close your eyes it's almost . . .

Oh who am I kidding? You must go to the city for real Old Spaghetti Factory, but if you're already in Chesterfield and some garlic cheesebread and a huge plate of pasta is in order; just go.

Bonus: Old Spaghetti Factory includes salad, bread, drink and dessert with each meal.

Posted by Mary Chino at 08:31 AM | Eat/Drink

That's Sophia LOREN.

Posted by: Betty at April 22, 2005 10:36 AM