April 21, 2005

My Queendom for a High-Shine Lip Treatment!

I've got the demand; where's the supply? After being clued in to the wonderfulness of The Body Shop's new "High-Shine Lip Treatment," I bopped on over to my nearest location (the dread Galleria) to pick up one for myself and one for a friend who needed a pick-her-up. (New babies + hormonal surges + no sleep = sudden episodes of pathos, but that's a topic for another time.)

One for her, in Bronze Beam, no problem. But where was my own Mauve Dream? The salesgirl thought that afternoon's shipment would include some; later, she called to tell me it had not.

A few days later, on a trip to NYC, I remembered my quest as I strolled by a Manhattan Body Shop. "Perfect!" I thought; something I already wanted could be my shopping souvenir! Imagine my disappointment when that trip turned up fruitless, as well. A second New York Body Shop stop yielded similar results. Someone tried to sell me on Pink Cream, but I don't want Pink Cream, dammit -- I want Mauve Dream!!

And somewhere, someone is wearing it...

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