September 27, 2007

Two That Are New!

Finally, some good news on the dining front, after a series of sad notes.

Both the oddly named "~scape" (seriously, people, can we just not screw too much with the restaurant names? I'm lookin' at you, Jim Edmonds and "F15teen"...) and its sister/neighbor "Crêpes: etc." are open for business as of today, on the chic, reborn Maryland Plaza. Scape boasts floor-to-ceiling windows along the front and back of the room, and warm copper accents inside, with a menu that's kind of like fancy comfort food (BBQ shrimp & grits, veal chops, puréed winter squash, beef short ribs), while Crêpes is — wait for it — a creperie. Yum.

Go check out the space at Crêpes if for no other reason than to see all signs of the former coffee-and-cigarette-soaked Grind completely obliterated.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 03:00 PM | Eat/Drink

I am a big fan of both ~Scape and Crepes. My family had a wonderful experience at ~Scape on Mother's Day and we are really excited that they are going to be having weekly "Backstreet BBQs" every Sunday during the summer. The gelato at Crepes is also delicous!

Posted by: Elle Rose at May 23, 2008 03:55 PM