June 01, 2007

Ooh, It's Finally The Time!

Sisters in arms: hie thee to The (New) Time! The innovative boutique is pushing the envelope again, linking arms with a salon, Studio DJP, to offer one-stop shopping/primping/beautifying, all together at their new downtown location, 922 Washington (where Niche formerly held court).

The schedule:
tonight (Friday), 5-9 p.m.: DJs, meet new designers, cocktails, apps
Saturday, 11-6: fashion and film, with some fashion-oriented flicks screening in the background, and a Time-sponsored fashion show at the Locust Ave. Film Fest
Sunday, 11-4: hangover/beauty brunch! Call 974-TIME to book some fabulous treatments like makeovers, manicures, facials, etc., and enjoy with champagne brunch. (Hell, what's *not* to enjoy with enough champagne? Hair of the dog and so on...)

Plenty of good shopping and people-watching to be had.

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