February 10, 2006

A Few South Grand Updates

Since last we spoke of that hallowed strip, a few things need updating.

First, I was lucky enough to make it to Urban, the new wine bar/cocktail lounge, and have a few drinks under the guiding advice of owner Nhat Nguyen. My cocktail companion and I tried, well, just about the entire menu of specialty cocktails (happy hour pricing 'til 9, baby!) and enjoyed them all. Our favorites were probably the Kiwi (fresh kiwi and Skyy melon) and the Jade (Stoli vanilla and pineapple juice, plus some sort of green-ening agent). Lovely place, and despite my earlier misgivings, a unique addition to the mix.

Secondly, as has been reported elsewhere, the addition at Mangia Italiano appears to be open for business, and also smoke-free. Yay for lungs and linguini! Ewww. I already regret that.

Finally, a non-comestible-related entry: a small space next door to the BP Amoco will become Floored, a yoga studio.

That's all for now!

Posted by Miss Cherry at 04:04 PM | Eat/Drink