July 20, 2005

Can You Taste It?

Well, it's about time: we've finally joined the bandwagon of our sister cities (including our Northern Nemesis) and gotten our very own "Taste of St. Louis" festival. Slated to take place during the first weekend of October (and the last two regular-season games at Busch Stadium), this food/art/music festival is under the direction of Mike Kociela (of Entertainment St. Louis, Davide Weaver (of Art Dimensions) and K. Sonderegger (of Made You Look advertising).

Nothing against the tastes of Clayton, the CWE and others, but we hope this downtown affair proves to be a hit. Civic pride and all. But when Southern Comfort's in charge of the music, can you really go wrong?

(We know there are those who would say, "Can you really go right?" We will accept that reasonable adults can disagree.)

Posted by Miss Cherry at 04:29 PM | Eat/Drink