June 20, 2005

Growing a City Child

Now, granted, Miss Cherry herself has not grown a child, in the "in my body" sense, but she is known far and wide as the spoiling-est Auntie (actual and metaphorical) there is, so imagine her delight...

Okay, the third person gets too difficult. Imagine my delight when the doors FINALLY opened at City Sprouts (6354 Delmar), the newest retail addition to The Loop. Helmed by the gals across the street at Phoenix Rising (another of my top-5 gift shops), City Sprouts carries all the coolest baby/toddler things any mom, dad or kid could want, from fancy-schmancy Dwell bedding (in themes from sumo wrestler to happy sheep), the cute clothes and accessories that stars are snapping up in every issue of Us Weekly and best of all, great urban-themed kids' stuff, including books and puzzles with city-friendly themes: "Bus Stops," "What Can You See in the City?" and "Noisy City Day" are among the titles, and then there're the sushi board books...

Just sayin', if we're going to raise a new generation of urbanites, let's start with some subversive literature.

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