June 20, 2005

One In, One Out in the CWE

Longtime purveyor of the printed word (and, it must be noted, the occasional porn mag) Daily Planet has shuttered in the Central West End, an end that was perhaps deemed inevitable after it reduced its size to half its former space a few years back. On the sunny side of the street, and just across the way at 234 N. Euclid, a great home décor store called The Home Port has been open for about a week now, and purveys (is that a word?) great-looking Javanese furniture, cool lighting, unique tabletop stuff and a lot more. It's a very soothing stop on a hot summer afternoon, with soft music and a very inviting-looking platform bed. But probably you shouldn't try to nap on it...at least 'til it's in your own home. The Home Port, CWE version, is the second store in the empire, with the first evidently doing well in Union, MO. Sa-LUTE, as they used to say on Hee-Haw!

Posted by Miss Cherry at 11:09 AM | Shop

Well, I guess I am not too surprise either. It's a shame nonetheless. I have relied upon the Daily Planet to get my magazine fix for years now. I would often wander in to pick up the latest Atlantic and walk out with four other selections as well.

I have never lived in the West End, but it was always worth the trip from South City. Grab a few magazines from Daily Planet and sit outside with some coffee at Coffe Cartel or The Grind.

Any suggestions for other good, independent newsstands in the City? I no longer live so far from the chain bookstores in the county, but I always prefer supporting independent local shops if I can.

Posted by: Matthew Murphy at June 22, 2005 10:42 AM