February 28, 2005


The Loop Creep (a good thing, as opposed to some shady character who hangs out around Sunshine Daydream) continues its eastward march, with a sparkling new Marion's St. Louis Rib open on the south side of the street, a skosh west of Goodfellow.

Sadly, the Lifestyles Cafe just up the way -- despite having a lovely, lighted sign -- remains but a dream.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 10:56 PM | Eat/Drink

Have they moved further west on Delmar or just revamped their old location? I love Marion's and remember reading awhile back that they were having problems with the city over the grills in front of the restaurant.

Posted by: cyr at March 2, 2005 09:09 PM

I believe, if memory serves, that they've actually hoofed it (ooh, sorry little pigs, bad hoof joke) a few doors *eastward*. Do a drive-by and check me on that...

Posted by: Miss Cherry at March 4, 2005 10:52 AM