February 05, 2008

Music to my arteries

Oh, the mid-winter dirge I've been humming tunelessly over the past 24 hours just got a lot peppier, ever since I found out that Companion has heard my silent prayers and answered, with Thursday, February 14, kicking off their new Grilled Cheese Thursdays. Perhaps they're taking a cue from g.c.-mad L.A.? At any rate, last week, I posited there were no sweeter two words, in combination, in the English language than "snow day"; now, I think the sweetest triumvirate might be "grilled cheese Thursdays." Oh, and add "homemade tomato soup" to that list, too.

It's all happening at the Central West End location, where small-batch artisanal cheese and fresh, crusty bread will unite to transport you to Grilled Cheese Nirvana.

UPDATE, 2/13: Here's the menu of all the grilled cheeses you can enjoy!

Posted by Miss Cherry at 01:34 PM | Eat/Drink