July 26, 2006

Shopabilly Saturday

Kids, do you like the greaser lifestyle? If so, or if you're just a sucker for any excuse to shop it up, check out this Saturday's "Shake and Shop" event along the eastern portion of the Delmar Loop: Fifi's, Donnaland's Vintage, V Vegaz, Big Shark Cycling, Alice's Vintage, TNT, Mirasol and Chinese Noodle Cafe will host a live music/sidewalk sale extravaganza. Why all this? Well, it's International D.J. Al Swacker Day, dontchaknow? At noon, come see the KDHX King of Rockabilly crowned at Fifi's, and stick around for a 4 p.m. personal appearance by the one, the only, Clownvis Presley. There's good rockin' today!

Posted by Miss Cherry at 10:19 PM | Shop