April 17, 2006

True Originals

As you may have noticed by now, a good number (40+, at last count) of our town's locally owned, independent restaurants have teamed up for some strength in numbers, branding themselves at the Saint Louis Originals. The list includes everything from stalwarts Tony's and Balaban's to newer-to-the-scene Terrene and Limoncello. There's a nifty customer loyalty program, the Powercard, which earns you points each time you dine at a member establishment and earns $10 rewards for every $150 you spend cumulatively.

So, you should get a Powercard and start eating your way through the Lou. Or, alternately, check out Taste of the Originals, a fundraiser evening for our public television station (KETC), on Saturday, April 29, at 6:30 p.m. For $100, you get to eat, drink and jazz yourself silly with food and beverages from the member restaurants, plus you walk home with a commemorative cookbook of Originals' recipes. Find out more and get tickets here.

Posted by Miss Cherry at 03:55 PM | Eat/Drink