January 06, 2006

Well Shod

Early birds get the best selection of the bounteous new display at the revamped Shoe Stop in Brentwood, across the street from the old location, and occupying a hut-type building that was most recently one of those golf discount places. Now, ladies out there will know what I mean when I say you really cannot afford *not* to shop Shoe Stop: enormous selection, good brand names (Nine West, Santana for the flashy, Enzo, Via Spiaga, etc.), and their new location shows it all off to great advantage. Finally! The Brentwood location compares favorably to the other stores, instead of seeming like the red-headed stepchild*.

Of course, the best part of shopping at Shoe Stop is a near-guaranteed encounter with some smooth reggae sounds on the stereo, and the possibility of being rung up by the one and only Professor Skank himself, co-owner of the store. Sweet, mon.

*(no actual offense intended to blended families or the titian-haired....)

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